Radical Innovation Award

Searching for the Next Big Hotel Concept

Radical Innovation is a movement that challenges the hotel industry to elevate the guest experience using new thinking in design and operations.

Each year, submissions are reviewed by leaders in the hotel industry and presented in front of influencers and investors. Finalists are selected by our jury based on the following criteria: concept, design, creativity and potential impact on the industry. These ideas are then presented on stage during the Radical Innovation live event where the audience will vote to determine the winners, at the New Museum in New York, on September 30th.

Since 2007, Radical Innovation has awarded nearly $100,000 to progressive architectural and hospitality-minded thinkers.

Radical Innovation was most recently held at the New Museum in New York on September 30, 2015.  The Grand Prize was awarded to Zoku. 





Grand Prize winner:



Facilitating global living and working for the travelling professional, Zoku creates a new category within the hotel industry. Japanese for family, tribe, or clan, it’s a home-office hybrid, also suitable for long stays, with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighbourhood. Zoku offers a home base with both a smart Zoku Loft (private areas) and social spaces (communal areas) to work, sleep, play and live in.




United Kingdom

Snoozebox delivers portable on-site event & festival hotel accommodation, letting guests stay close to the action. Custom trucks deliver premium rooms, which adapt internally to suit a range of customers, providing a day room and seven different en suite sleeping configurations. Tessellation of space & form around custom folding mechanisms maximizes guest space and allows rooms to compact by 50% during transportation. A hotel of a 100 rooms can be setup in 24 hours. 

Student Winner:


Yasmin Abdelfattah Soliman

Effat University | Saudi Arabia

Adaptive Balloons is designed to offer a refuge for people who have been affected by natural disasters and crises around the planet. A pop-up concept that can be installed and removed as needed, the adaptive tree is prefabricated to be installed on land or in water. The main tree body is designed as a hollow skeleton used to generate energy through vertical wind turbines, and hosts inflatable ‘Balloons’ made of vinyl skin on branches that extend outwards. The Balloons act as living spaces for those affected.

2014 contestants

The Jury

Our distinguished jury specializes in the hospitality industry. What do they want to see?
-Bold New Thinking
-Problem Solving
-Beautiful Design
-Revenue Generating Ideas



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John Hardy

CEO, The John Hardy Group


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Simon Turner

President of Global Development, Starwood Hotels

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James Woods

COO, The Bowls LLC


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Jena Thornton

Managing Director, Eagle Rock Ventures

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Michael Medzigian

CEO & Director, Carey Watermark Investors Inc

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Wing T. Chao

Founding Principal, Wing T. Chao Architect


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Claude Amar

President, The John Hardy Group International