Pop-Up Hotel

A pop-up concept that transforms empty Class A office spaces in midtown Manhattan into viable hospitality hubs.

Its benefit?
-The hotel repurposes existing space.

-A new opportunity to create an immersive thematic environment that exists temporarily and can easily be changed.

-Social media savvy travelers will appreciate following the hotel to different sites. 


MM Planners

Koi is a bridge-hotel that can be built across famous rivers around the world. Its architectural design will provide urban links and new functions for private and public spaces.

How Radical?
-This concept adds iconic architecture to an urban landscape.

-By connecting to land masses, the project is strategically located within a city.

-It is well-positioned to be a one-of-a-kind experience within any city.

Ark Hotel
Remi Studio

A hospitality solution for refuge and natural disasters, this self-reliant capsule can inhabit both land and sea.

Why Ark?
-This shelter acts as its own ecosystem.

-The structure would withstand rising sea levels.

-It is natural disaster proof.


A multi-model shelter, Mosaic is an environmentally sustainable, flexible and highly-customizable solution to offer anything from medical treatment to a hotel.

The beauty of Mosaic?
-It can be easily transported in and out of locations based on the need for hospitality environments.

-Low-risk hotel investing with a focus on the shelter itself rather than the real estate.

-Unprecedented adaptation of concept and sustainability.


Pixel Hotel
Metro 1 Properties

One of the pioneers in the pod-hotel movement, this hotel has rooms that are scattered throughout the city of Linz, Austria.

The Pixel revolution?
-The strength of the Pixel brand expands well beyond a single building, and it places guests squarely in the city itself.

-It is the ultimate experience for the modern, social traveler.

-It reinvented the traditional hotel model.


Oil Rig Platform & Spa
Morris Architects

The first self-sufficient hotel in the Gulf of Mexico to be constructed from oil rigs, the Rig Hotel would offer an eco-friendly high-end hotel adventure to guests.

Its innovation?
-The merger of the luxury resort and cruise experience.

-A sustainable solution that solves a waste problem.

-Making a green hotel concept high-end.


Poseidon Undersea Resort
Jean-Claude Carme

Proposed as the world’s first undersea hotel, this 7-star luxury resort would offer guests the experience of a lifetime underwater.

The appeal?
-Putting a traditional hospitality experience in unchartered territory.

-Giving the hotel a value proposition that makes it a valuable destination.